Gallery of Members' and Demonstrator's Work

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Bowl, Les Thorne Segmented Vase, John Bradbury Candlestick, Terry Coombes Pens, Rob Sheehan Chinese Box, Rob Sheehan Coloured Bowl, Rob Sheehan Oak Dish, Rob Sheehan Off-Centre Figures, Rob Sheehan Leaf Platter, Joey Richardson Pierced Bowls, Joey Richardson
Segmented Turning, John Bradbury Sphere In Sphere, Terry Coombes Acrylic Pens, Rob Sheehan Members Work 1 Members Work 2 Members Work 3 Pens, Tony Orlebar Bowl Saver, John Bradbury Candle Sticks, Jim Lomas DNA Twist, Rob Sheehan
Mazer Goblet, Ken Allen Pattern Making Machine, Terry Coombes Split Turning, Ken Allen Turned Boxes, Terry Coombes Split Turned Table Lamp, Rob Sheehan Segmented Vase, John Bradbury Open Segmented Vase Guy Ravine, Snowman Christmas Decoration Guy Ravine, Snuffer, Pin, Key Fob, Pewter Inlay Guy Ravine, Spinning Top
Members Work 4 Members Work 5 Ash Vases, John Bradbury Banskia Nut, John Bradbury Banskia Nut, John Bradbury Plant Pot Maker, Brian Hartwell Segmented Box, John Bradbury Segmented Vase And Goblets, John Bradbury Table Lamp, Terry Coombes Yew Goblet
Leaf Platter, Rosemary Wright Shield Platter, Rosemary Wright Smile Platter, Rosemary Wright Square Bowl, Rosemary Wright Pillow Bowl, Rosemary Wright Square Elm Platter, Charlie Triangular Bowl, Terry Coombes Members Work 6 Members Work 7 Members Work 8
Members Work 9 Segmented Bowl, Barry Coles Segmented Vase, John Whetstone Members Work 10 Members Work 11 Candlestick, Rob Sheehan Natural Edge Bowl, Rob Sheehan (with help from Steve Heeley) Practise Bowl, Rob Sheehan Undercut Bowl, Rob Sheehan (with help from Steve Heeley) Unfinished Hollow Form, Steve Heeley
Decorated Box, Terry Coombes Anenome, Bob Chapman Coffee-Stirrer Bowl, Bob Chapman Earring Stand, BobChapman Married Quarters, Bob Chapman Bob Chapman's Work Daventry 1st Prize Bowl Daventry 2nd Prize Goblet Decanter Stand Salt Shaker, Gary Rance
Gary Rance's Work Hollow Forms Candle Sticks, Jim Lomas Lidded Bowl Rose Engine Box, Paul Coker Rose, Paul Coker Paul Coker's Work Pens Goblet, Rolly Munro Undercut Bowl, Rolly Munro
Segmented Bowl Patterned Vase, Terry Coombes Earrings, Barry Morley Necklace, Barry Morley Necklace, Barry Morley Burr Dish Woodworks At Daventry 2012, Hinckley Stand Ships Wheel Clock, Eric Burr Bowls, John Bradbury Burr Vase, John Bradbury
Members Work Members Work Members Work Members Work Segmented Boxes Spalted Dish Rose Engine Boxe, Terry Coombes Rose Engine Boxes, Terry Coombes Woodworks At Daventry 2012, Bic Pen 2nd Prize, Tony Orlebar Walking Sticks
Zebrano Bowl