Library Books Available To Members

These books are from the late David Springett's collection. They have been kindly donated by Robin Springett

The following books are available to club members only. A deposit of £1 is required when borrowing a book. This is returned when the book is returned. See Rob Sheehan to borrow a book

Ref Category Title Author Description
1 Toys The Art of Making Wooden Toys Peter Stevenson 1960s kids toys
2 Design Art and Content in Contemporary Wood Michael Hosaluk  
3 Clocks Eli Terry and the Connecticut Shelf Clock K Roberts and S Taylor Connecticut clock making
4 Reference Trees in Britain, Europe and North America Roger Phillips Tree identification
5 Segmented The Art of Segmented Woodturning Malcolm Tibbetts Step by step segmented turning
6 Reference English Historic Carpentry C Hewett Timber structures from churches etc.
7 Pyrography Burning and Texturing Methods W Veasey Burning and texturing used in bird carving
8 Ornamental Turning Museum of Ornamental Turning Newsletters W G Ogden Jr Newsletters
9 Turning Wood Turning the Purpose of the Object S Hogbin Craftsman Hogbin's time in Melbourne
10 History The Wooden Bowl R Wood Bowls through history
11 Reference Mathematical Connections in Art, Music andScience R Sarhangi & J Sharp Conference proceedings
12 Design Surfaces: Explorations with Sliceforms J Sharp Geometrical shapes
13 Reference Collectors' Netsuke R Bushell Japanese miniature sculptures
14 Turning Mew Masters of Woodturning T Martin & K Wallace Wood art
15 History L'Encyclopedie Horlogerie Diderot & D'Alembert In French
16 History Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades & Industry Vol 1 D Diderot 18th century French industry in pictures
17 History Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades & Industry Vol 2 D Diderot 18th century French industry in pictures
18 Reference Know Your Lathe Boxford Screw cutting lathe handbook
19 Design The Art of Stick Dressing N Tulip Carving the heads of walking sticks
20 Reference Pictures of Ivory and other Animal Teeth, Bone and Antler T Penniman Use in identification
21 Design Tunbridge & Scottish Souvenir & Woodware Edward and Eva Pinto Study of Tunbridgeware
22 Design Tunbridgeware and Related European Decorative Woodwares B Austin Tunbridgeware
23 Design Discovering Horn P Hardwick Identification, manufacturing etc.
24 Design The Making of Tools A Weygers 1970s making own tools
25 Design Woodturning a Source Book of Shapes J Hunnex Reference book of turned shapes
26 Design Make a Windsor Chair M Dunbar Windsor chair making
27 Design Windsor Chairmaking T Moser Windsor chair making
28 History Shaker Furniture Edward & faith Andrews Description and Pictures
29 Design Shakers and their Furniture J Shea Measured drawings
40 Reference Russian Ivory J Kwizinskij In German
41 Reference Chinese Craft Work H Borner In German. Ivory, Jade, Stone, Wood, Leather, Ceramic
42 Reference Grinling Gibbons & the English Woodcarving Tradition F Oughton Study of English wood carvers
43 Ornamental Turning Ornamental Turning T Walshaw Guide to OT lathes, tools and techniques
44 Design The Carving Range J Jepsen Carving golf balls
45 Design Woodturning Methods M Darlow Tools and Techniques
46 Design The Fundamentals of Woodturning M Darlow Learning to turn
47 Design Making Working Wooden Locks T Detweiler Wooden padlocks
48 Ornamental Turning Ornamental Turnery F Knox OT history & design
49 History Totem Poles an Illustrated Guide M Halpin  
50 Reference Manuel Du Tourneur H Bergeron Turner's manual In French
51 Ornamental Turning The Principles of Ornamental Turning J J Holtzapfel From the man himself
52 Reference L'Art Du Tourneur Diderot & D'Alembert In French
53 Reference Know Your Broadleaves Forestry Commission Broadleaved or Hardwood trees
54 Reference The Art of Turning C Plumier (Paul Ferraglio) 1749 French turning
55 Ornamental Turning Engine Turning 1680 - 1980 M Matthews History and reference
56 Reference Turning and Mechanical Manipulation vol 2 C Holtzapffel Woodwork not OT
57 Reference Treen and Other Wooden Bygones E Pinto  
58 Reference Dictionary of Woodworking Tools 1700 - 1970 R Salaman Historical reference
59 Reference The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking j Krenov
60 Reference The Impractical Cabinetmaker j Krenov
61 Reference A Cabinetmakers Notebook J Krenov
62 Design Queen Anne Furniture N Vandal History, design & construction
63 History Historic Deerfield E Stillinger Portrait of early America
64 History The Illustrated Longitude D Sobel & W Andrewes Solving longitude
65 Design Things to Make & Do Reader's Digest Family projects, games & toys
66 Ornamental Turning Hand or Simple Turning J J Holtzapffel Simple OT equipment and projects
67 Reference The Craftsman in Wood E Pinto
68 History The History of Woodworking Tools W Goodman
69 Reference Spoon Various Overview of contemporary design
70 Design Marquetry P Raymond Marquetry used on fantastic furniture
71 Reference Watch & Clockmakers' Handbood F Britten Dictionary & Guide
72 Reference The English Country Chair I Sparkes Illustrated history
73 History Adventures in Wood Finishing G Frank Story of George Frank
74 History Trees or Timber? D Strong Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
75 Reference Antique Woodworking Tools M Dunbar Guide to purchase, restoration & use of old tools
76 Design Windsor Chair Making M Dunbar Illustrated history & construction
77 History Country Craft Tools P Blandford Description & use of old tools
78 History Wooden Shoes & Their Makers & Wearers H Noorlander  
79 History Needlework Tools E Johnson A guide to collecting
80 Reference English Period Furniture C Hayward English furniture 1500 - 1930
81 Design Handcraft In Wood J Hooper Training in drawing & practical work 1950
82 Reference Whetstone Grinding of Edge Tools T Jansson Tormek guide 1970s?
83 Reference The Woodworker's Pocket Book C Hayward 1960s
84 History The Wheelwright's Shop G Stuart Autobiography 1884 - 1891
85 Collecting Let's Collect Old Woodworking Tools D Layton Illustrated pamphlet
86 Collecting Discovering English Furniture 1500 - 1720 J Bly Collectors reference
87 Collecting Discovering English Furniture 1720 - 1830 J Bly Collectors reference
88 Collecting Collecting Stanhopes D Jull Collectors guide
89 Collecting Thimbles E Johnson Collectors guide
90 Collecting Tunbridgeware M Gil Collectors guide
91 Collecting Mauchline Ware J Baker Collectors guide
92 Reference Metalwork R Sandham F Willmore Engineering theory & practice
93 History Old Ways of Working Wood A Bealer Historic woodworking tools and methods
94 Collecting Woodworking Tools C Proudfoot & P Walker Christie's Collectors guide
95 Collecting Important Costume & Textiles Sotheby's Sale guide 1995
96 Design Turning Wooden Jewelry J Ditmer Craft work
97 Segmented Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning E & C Brown Segmented turning designs and methods
98 Design Antique Chairs in Miniature Stuart King Pamphlet catalogue & price list
99 Collecting Antique Woodworking Tools Various Various Sale catalogues
100 Design Love Spoons Various 3 books/pamphlets on Welsh love spoons
101 Design The Story of the Lovespoon Celtic Educational Services History & design
102 History Craft Tools of Yesterday Colourmaster Country craftsmen tools and implements
103 Reference Timbers of South America R Woods Scientific names, uses etc.
104 Design UK Woodturning Magazine Various approx 50 magazines
105 Design American Woodturning Magazine Various approx 50 magazines